Saying Bye For Now…

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a while. But today marks the 1 year anniversary of me having this blog. And I’m very thankful for all it has taught me, and all I’ve shared here on this outlet. Today I’m saying bye for now. I want to move on to other things, that’ll help me […]

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Auto-Rickshaw Travels- A Poem

So, I recently went to India for the month, and here’s one of poems I wrote about it. Credit: The Tezzy Files I get into the mobile The familiar scent of gasoline Surrounding me, The sound of it starting Getting me ready. I stick my head out of The small window to look around The […]

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Sruthi- A Poem

Sruthi. Musical Harmony. Music. Sue-Ruthie. Smoothie. Sushi. Shruti. Shruthi. Laddu.   Sister. Daughter. Friend. Grand-daughter. Student.   Book-Lover. Blogger. Hamilton-Obsessed. Water-Enthusiast. Math Nerd. Singer.    So many names, Yet they’re all me. But why do I have so many? You made them. You tell me. -By Sruthi R

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To the Shadowhunters TV Show…

Hey y’all! How’s it going? As of late, I’ve finished reading the Infernal Devices and also rewatching the Shadowhunters TV show, and let’s say I’ve got something I want to say. So, let’s start this off by saying where I stand on how I feel about both of these stories: THE INFERNAL DEVICES I absolutely […]

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That Moment: A Poem

Do you ever feel  like you desperately want to  put a feeling into a box  And be able to feel it  whenever and wherever you please? Let that feeling take you away That constant feel of  joy in your mind Or maybe a feeling that will never come by again. A feeling, and experience that […]

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When a Book Destroys You 

Answer this: are you an emotional reader, or one who just reads for the sake of glazing your eyes over a thing full of words that you understand? Well, if your the first scenario, then get ready to relate to WHEN A BOOK PREFORMS HEART SURGERY WITH PAPER AND INK AND THEN LEAVES OH-SO-MANY SCARS, THAT YOU […]

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I Am Laughing – A Poem

  I can’t stop Laughing. Once I start, I get I can’t stop. I just keep on laughing And laughing And laughing And laughing.   It’s the best disease in the universe; Once it starts, it spreads to all those around. But the only difference between it and other diseases, Is that laughter puts us […]

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On This Blog You’ll Find Book Reviews Bookish Discussions Book Tags Writing Journaling My Poetry My Thoughts on Bookish Things Some of My Favorite Books Include: Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, Anything Shadowhunters, The Sun is Also A Star, A Court of Mist and Fury. Some Random Things About Me I’ll read pretty much […]

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Life is A Lie: A Poem

Life is a Lie We work away all of our lives For that “golden prize” That in a decade, century, mellinium, Not a single soul will care about   It’s like it’s a maze We keep on moving in random directions Based on instinct But we don’t know If we’re running into a dead end, […]

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